Bhopal, March 3, 2024

In recent review meetings of the police department, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav directed the initiation of public dialogues to ensure active participation of the general public in crime control alongside the police. He emphasized that the public should be involved in the efficiency of the police, instilling fear in criminals while maintaining public trust in the police. This campaign was launched to uphold this trust. Dr. Yadav expressed confidence that public dialogue would enhance policing. In line with these directives, a “Police Public Dialogue” was organized on Sunday, March 3, from 12 PM to 2 PM, in all 968 police stations across the state, with the presence of IGs, DIGs, SPs, SDOPs, and other officials.

In a similar context, DGP Mr. Sudhir Saxena attended the public dialogue program held in Vardhaman Green Park Colony in the Ashoka Garden police station area of Bhopal. He stated that the police uniform is not a symbol of power but a means to serve the citizens. The true purpose of wearing the uniform is fulfilled only when we serve the public. Mr. Saxena emphasized the necessity of police and public working together. Appreciating the initiative of installing CCTV cameras by the public, he assured that the police would provide technical assistance across the state to effectively control crimes.

Following the orders of the DGP, representatives from various fields such as local leaders, prominent citizens, intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, educators, business associations, and representatives from community-related institutions participated in the dialogue program. They shared their expectations and suggestions for the police, discussed the security environment in their area, and were informed about the police’s operational procedures.

Statewide Dialogue Reflecting the Chief Minister’s Vision for People-Centric Policing

During the dialogue, participants raised issues such as cybercrime, CCTV camera installation, drug de-addiction, women’s safety, police-public relations, and resolving minor disputes through police mediation. DGP Mr. Saxena stated that the expectations and suggestions from the public would shape the police’s future strategies, ensuring effective crime control in line with the Chief Minister’s vision of police-public cooperation. He mentioned that public trust and cooperation are vital for police efficiency. Certain crimes, like ensuring smooth traffic flow, drug de-addiction, and eradicating social evils, require public collaboration.

Public Suggestions to Enhance Policing: DGP

During the “Police Public Dialogue” in Vardhaman Green Park, the DGP gathered information and suggestions from the attendees about their area’s security arrangements and their expectations from the police. He reiterated that the main purpose of this program, as envisioned by the Chief Minister, is to have thoughtful discussions to understand public expectations and suggestions. This mutual communication will help find solutions. Mr. Saxena urged the public to cooperate in preventing drug abuse, raise awareness about its harmful effects, and be vigilant against cybercrime while educating others. Together, we can make society strong, safe, and better, ensuring that Madhya Pradesh remains an island of peace. He assured the participants that all the suggestions received would be taken seriously, and efforts would be made to address and improve upon them.

Dialogue as the Best Way to Resolve Issues: Mr. Mishra

During the “Police Public Dialogue” held in Green Park Colony of the Ashoka Garden police station area, Bhopal Police Commissioner Mr. Harinarayanachari Mishra emphasized that dialogue is the best way to resolve any issue. The statewide dialogue organized by the Madhya Pradesh Police aims to understand local problems and raise public awareness about security.

Public Opinions on Police Operations Gathered

To introduce the public-centric approach of the police and increase public participation to maintain a peaceful environment in the state, public dialogues were organized in all districts as per the DGP’s instructions. Primarily, station in-charges conducted the programs. During these dialogues in 968 police stations, police interacted with over 100,000 people, understanding the prevalent issues in their areas, the current security situation, and the public’s expectations from the police.

Public Cooperation Essential for Crime Prevention

Following the directives of Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav and under the guidance of DGP Mr. Sudhir Saxena, such public dialogue programs will be regularly organized. Periodic events like these will enhance trust between the police and the public, allowing citizens to voice their concerns without hesitation and assisting the police in maintaining security.

Public Appreciation for Police’s People-Centric Initiative

The public has praised the police’s initiative of organizing statewide dialogues. Participants expressed that such events should be held regularly to increase cooperation between the police and the public, thereby strengthening public trust in the police.

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